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Our reports always include evaluation of feasibility and economics,  just as required when presenting engineering estimates as licensed professional engineers.

Members of the Coalition have discussed the reports that are posted on our website.  However, the contents of each report are completely the responsibility of the author or authors of that report.  Each report is copyright to its authors. 

The most extensive report:

Our most important report to date: Vermont Electric Power in Transition, an evaluation  of VPIRG's  Repowering Vermont.   Click here.

Related Nuclear Reports:

American Nuclear Society Fukushima Daiichi Report. Click here.

American Nuclear Society Fukushima Daiichi Talking Points. Click here.

Other reports:

Report on Annual Meeting of New England Coalition (anti-nuclear group) Meeting topic was Vermont Yankee Decommissioning.  Report on meeting by Howard Shaffer.  Click here.

Uncertain Future of Nuclear Energy Frank von Hippel presentation in New Hampshire, October 2013. Click here.

German Nuclear Decommissioning and Renewables Build-out by Willem Post.  Click here

Wind Turbine Noise and Air Pressure Pulses by Willem Post.  Click here.

Irish Wind Energy by Willem Post.  Click here.

Wind  Energy is Expensive by Willem Post. Click here.

Was Lowell Mountain Wind Facility a Good Idea? by Willem Post. Click here.

Wind Power and CO2 Emissions  by Willem Post.  Click here.

Facts and Information about Radiation by Willem Post.  Click here.

Dutch Turn From Renewables to Nuclear Power by Willem Post.  Click here.

Electric Vehicle Buildout Implications by Willem Post.  Click here.

Impact of Closing Vermont Yankee by Willem Post.  Click here.

Base Power Alternatives to Replace Base-Loaded Coal Plants by Willem Post. Click here.

German Utilities and Feed In Tariffs by Willem Post.  Click here.

Feed In Tariffs in Spainby Willem Post.  Click here.

Vermont Small Scale Renewable Incentive Program: Review and Comments by Willem Post.  Click here.

German PV and Solar Experience by Willem Post.  Click here.

Impacts of Variable, Intermittent Power on Grids by Willem Post.  Click  here.

The Danish Model by Willem Post.  Click here.

Reducing the Energy Use of Houses  by Willem Post. Click here.

Impact of Solar Photovoltaics on Peak Electric Demand by Willem Post. Click here.

Energy Efficiency, Wind and Solar PV by Willem Post.  Click here.

Renewables are Expensive, and Produce Little, but Expensive Powerby Willem Post.  Click  here.

Solar Thermal in the Desert by Willem Post.  Click here.

Energy Efficiency is a No-Brainer by Willem Post.  Click here.

Evaluations of VPIRG "Repowering Vermont" Report, by Willem Post. 

-  For calculated costs using VPIRG assumptions, click here.

-  For calculated costs using Coalition assumptions, click here.

Pilgrim Plant Freeze Forum slides (pdf) by Howard Shaffer. Click here.

Considerations for the Windham County Regional Commission concerning Vermont Yankee License Renewal by Howard Shaffer.  Click here.

The Downside of Nuclear Power--By an Advocate, by Howard Shaffer.  Click here.

Spreadsheets by Willem Post: 

Cycling CO2 Emissions and Fuel Costs by Willem Post.  Click here.

Electric Vehicle Buildout, click here.

Power Capability and Production, click here.

Residential Wind Economics, click here.  

Residential Solar Photovoltaic Economics, click here.

Maine Wind Farms, click here.

150 kW Solar PV, click here.

100 kW Wind Turbine, click here.

Maine Wind Capacity Factors, click here.

Five-year Capacity Factors, click here.


Introduction to Vermont Yankee (slideshow) by Robert Hargraves. Click here.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors by Robert Hargraves and Ralph Moir. Click here.

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