Education and Outreach


A list of courses given by Coalition Members at ILEAD include:

● Rethinking Nuclear Power: Robert Hargraves

● True Economics and Hidden Issues of Alternative Energy: Peter Roth

●  All Around the Coal Boiler: Meredith Angwin

●  Energy Considerations: Steve Fox

●  Science and Its Discontents: Meredith Angwin

ILEAD is the life-time learning center at Dartmouth College. One-hour presentations based on these courses are available for schools and civic groups.


One to two hour lectures are available.

 Reducing the Energy Use of Houses: Willem Post

●  America's Future Energy Supply: Peter Roth

●  Safety and Nuclear Power: Howard Shaffer

●  Alternative Fuel Cycles: Meredith Angwin

●  Aim High, The Future with Thorium Energy: Robert Hargraves  (Google Tech Talk available here)

●  Repeat of August presentations at the Montshire Museum of Science. Two topics: energy use of houses, and the future of America's energy supply. 

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