About Us

Coalition For Energy Solutions

A professional group  dedicated to providing the public, governments, and industry with evaluated information on the availability, environmental impact and cost of energy choices.

Founding Members:

Meredith Joan Angwin BS, MS, physical chemistry, University of Chicago. Project Manager Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), renewable and nuclear groups. Owned consulting company with utility contracts  in U. S. and Europe. Holder of four patents in electric power technologies. Member, Hartford Energy Commission (Hartford Township, Vermont). Teaches Science and Its Discontents and All Around the Coal Boiler courses at ILEAD. Doing business as Carnot Communications. http://www.carnotcommunications.com/

Steve A. Fox BSME, MSME, North Carolina State University. P.E. North Carolina.  Developed fuel enrichment technologies at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Later developed pumps, cables, foam insulation products, and pelltized asphalt. Holds over a dozen patents in these areas. Teaches Energy Considerations course at ILEAD. Owner of Nitech Corporation.  http://www.nitechcorp.com/

Robert Hargraves AB mathematics and physics Dartmouth College. PhD physics Brown University. Taught mathematics and computer science at Dartmouth College. Executive in software, medical device, and consulting industries.  Teaches Energy Policy and Environmental Choices: Rethinking Nuclear Power at ILEADhttp://rethinkingnuclearpower.googlepages.com/

Willem Post BSME New Jersey Institute of Technology, MSME Rensselaer  Polytechnic Institute, MBA, University of Connecticut.  P.E. Connecticut. Consulting Engineer and Project Manager. Performed feasibility studies, wrote master plans, and evaluated designs  for air pollution control systems, power plants, and integrated energy systems for campus-style building complexes. Currently specializing in energy efficiency in buildings.

Peter H. Roth BS and MS Chem E, CCNY School of Technology. MS in Chemistry and Solid State Physics, Northeastern University.  Ph.D. equivalent from Polaroid Corporation continuing education program for senior employees.  Advanced course work at MIT through Polaroid Corporation. P.E. New York. Officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, engineering missile defense and fuel systems. Later specialized in imaging systems and bringing complex products to market. Holds 22 U.S. patents, 5 European patents, 5 patents pending. Currently owns a consulting firm developing printed circuit designs. Teaches  True Economics and Hidden Issues of Alternative Energy at ILEAD. 

Howard C. Shaffer BSEE, Duke University, MS Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  P.E. Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Illinois.  Nuclear Submarine Engineer Officer. Startup Engineer  and systems engineer at nuclear plants in U.S. and Taiwan.  Congressional Fellow, 2001.  Emergency Plan staff, public speaker, political liaison, 2001 Congressional Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science and American Nuclear Society. Many years of service on industry committees. Taught Basic Physics and Engineering for Understanding Nuclear Power Plant Issues for Brattleboro, Vermont, Selectboard. Doing business as Nuclear Public Outreach.

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